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Celadon quail, Adult female

Celadon quail, Adult female

Celadon are also in the coturnix family, but they carry a genetic mutation that colors their egg shells a beautiful shade of sky blue. Rigorous genetic selection is required for the birds to breed true. The splash of color is a lovely sight in our egg dozens!

    We assume no liability for the continuing health of the poultry and/or the health of the humans and/or other poultry and/or other animals that may come in contact with poultry produced by our farm.


    Sexing of the chicks

    Any sexing error should be reported to us within 12 weeks of their hatch date. Images will be required. A refund for the incorrect sexing will be issued or replacement chicks will be sent, depending upon the number of poultry that were incorrectly sexed.

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