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Bantam Modern Game; red pyle

Bantam Modern Game; red pyle

Chicks are sold unsexed.

The modern game is a breed of ornamental chicken which originated in England between 1850 and 1900. Purely an exhibition bird, Modern game were developped to be most aesthetically pleasing and to epitomize the visual appeal of the gamecock or fighting cock.


 Quote from the American Poultry Association;

"Moderns are an ideal bird for showmanship class, as they are very tame and train quite easily. Whether you are from an area where rules require walking and posing the bird on a table, or just posing it in order to show the judge the quality of the bird, Moderns do well and the time spent in training will pay off when it comes to performing. Something you hear consistently from a new breeder of Modern Game Bantams is how they grow on you after you have had them for awhile. Their curious nature and very friendly temperament readily attracts the owner to them and it is easy to become attached to them."


These birds require extra care as they have tight feathering, long fragile legs and are small compared to other bantams . Being a showbird exclusively, it is recommended they have their own pen in a heated building. These birds are not for the inexperienced chicken handler.


    Hatching beginning spring 2024
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